Marketing collaterals and Logo Design

Marketing collaterals

Availability of handy stuffs holds the power of conversion. Marketing collaterals can easily convert the potential customer into a buyer when created with due diligence. Since it is able to build the recall value, therefore becomes a powerful tool of your marketing strategy.

Out team of creative minds produces different forms of collaterals such as

  • Brochures
  • Case Studies
  • Portfolio
  • Newsletter
  • Media Dossier
  • Flyers
  • Brand Envelopes

All above require the freshness of content and a smart color theme which is prepared with a specific marketing objective.

Logo Design

A logo is a unique way of representing the company or product identity that makes you stand out. We choose every element of it with full consciousness.

Elements of Logo:
● Color Scheme- This depicts or represent the kind of aura your product carries. A logo may be given a single or multicolor based on the meaning and synergy to be created. Creation of a logo is generally considered the easiest task but on actual grounds, logo creation is the end product of your communication objective

● Text- Logos are usually accompanied by typographic elements with a name or a meaning hidden inside. Image- This is the element that complements logo and symbolizes the company identity…. Our creative heads ensure that you get the best of delivery.