How to provide proactive cutomer service on live chat

As we have discussed what to avoid in a live chat box in our previous blog, this blog will let you what to use & how to use the pro-activeness while using live chat box:

  • A Warm Greeting- this would definitely be liked by the user and can not be ignored when used wisely.
  • Creative opening – while opening up your conversation with an unknown person, use the questions like: Thankyou for coming to our platform, I would love to help you with your query How can be helpful in providing you the right information May I know what you are looking for to save you your time
  • Asking open ended question – this is the most important thing to remember while initiating the conversation & never ask question that can be answered only in NO or YES. Use the questions like:
  • Looks like you searching for SEO packages, I can send you the details on your email
  • What is the nature of your business?
  • What does you have in your mind?
  • I would like to help you in your search, please tell me in detail

Grabbing the right opportunity: when you see the customer telling you the product he / she is looking for, it is always wise to pitch the range of products you have

Figure out the budget of the customer- always ask the customer about his budget without letting him/her feel conscious about his pocket weight like:

  • We have wide range of products ranging from xx amount to xx amount, which one would you like to try first?
  • What benefits are you expecting from your product ( pitch according the features described)

Closure time- converting a conversation into sale, its recommended to ask the turn-out time from the customer like:

  • How would you like to be contacted to discuss the product feature further?
  • is it an urgent requirement or need time to analyze the product?

Offering free-bees - it is recommended to make the customer feel special with your services so always offer something to ensure he either buys or come back to your website like:

  • We would like you to try our introductory packages (if any)
  • We would like you to review our product after you use it
  • We are offering a X percentage of discount for the first 20 buyers of today

The above makes you stand-out in your customer service when used rationally

Gathering all the relevant information - The above can only be achieved when you have taken the or collected relevant information from the customer like

email, phone number, company name, address, budget. This is possible if asked the right questions like:

  • How would you like to be contacted?
  • How many product or the services you are looking to buy?
  • When you need us to deliver your product?
  • How much time do you need before we contact you?
  • How are you planning to use our services & what outcome do you expect?

Remember that your words are the key & face of the company. Any given chance you miss will become an opportunity for others. There are no rules when it comes to writing but definitely are the consequences when not used properly.